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Liver Detox 28 Servings

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Combats pollution & heavy metals


  • Regenerates and protects the liver

  • Restores vitality

  • Brightens the skin's complexion

  • Fights heavy metals

A purifying phytotherapy concentrate that stimulates the elimination of toxins, fights heavy metals and durably protects the liver, the body's filter organ. Not only does it reduce stress but it also clears up the complexion in next to no time!

Milk thistle extract increases the detoxifying capacities of the liver and gall bladder
Artichoke stimulates liver detoxification and helps regulate blood lipid levels
Desmodium sparks liver drainage
Black radish and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties, that contribute to the release of lipids

Selenium, known to help protect the body from heavy metals
Branched chain amino acids: L-Methionine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine
Milk thistle naturally containing silymarin which helps remove toxic substances from the body

D-LAB cares about you and integrates into each of its formulas specific active ingredients that help preserve the body day in and day out.

  • Powerful antioxidants from selenium, Dandelion and black radish

  • Thermal salts from Vichy water to deeply remineralize the body

  • A high dose of milk thistle that supports the regeneration of liver cells, playing a major role in the degradation of toxic substances

  • Curcumin-rich turmeric extract preserves the liver's (head of the filter organs) health

D-LAB is committed to natural, concentrated and highly bioavailable ingredients

Ingredients: Milk Thistle** (seed) - Silybum marianum (1.75 g) - Turmeric** (rhizome) - Turmeric longa (800 mg) - Artichoke** (leaf) - Cynara scolymus (320 mg) - Dandelion** (leaf) - Taraxacum officinale Wiggers (160 mg) - Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Desmodium (leaf) - Desmodium adscendens (120 mg) - Black Radish** (root) - Raphanus sativus (80 mg) - L-leucine (60 mg) - L-methionine (50 mg) - L-isoleucine (30 mg) - L-valine (30 mg) - Thermal salts (20 mg) - Anticaking agent : Magnesium stearate - Selenium (55 µg) 100% NRV.