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Stress Relief Complex 28 Servings

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Stress Relief Complex

  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Restores vitality
  • Strengthens the immune system

The Stress Relief Complex is made up of adaptogenic active ingredients appreciated for their regulatory power on the nervous, hormonal and immune systems, increasing the body's resistance to stress. This complex of adaptogens acts in depth to fight against the harmful effects of stress on the body, soothe nervous tension and fight against sleep disorders.

The Stress Relief Complex is composed of a wide spectrum of adaptogenic active ingredients known to normalize the body's functions and improve stress management in a sustainable way.

L’eschscholtzia extract, cultivated according to the rules of organic farming, promotes relaxation and relaxation and helps to reduce stress-related symptoms.
La lion's maneA native extract 4 times more concentrated in active ingredients than the whole mushroom, known for its benefits on stress, fatigue and nervous tension.


A complex of regulating active ingredients that targets the neuro-hormonal system to durably improve the quality of sleep and promote peaceful and restorative nights.

L’schisandra chinensis extract helps fight sleep disorders and promotes deep sleep.
L’eschscholtzia extractThis plant is 4 times more concentrated than the dry plant, known to facilitate falling asleep and promote restful sleep.


Active ingredients with antimicrobial properties have a localised action on the immune system to improve the body's natural defences.

L’Eleutherococcus extract, 4 times more concentrated than the dry plant, has a broad-spectrum antiviral activity that strengthens and improves immune defences.
L’shiitake extract to the antimicrobial properties stimulates the immune system.
The organic reishiThe "Stimulus", extracted from the whole fungus, helps to stimulate the immune system and maintain the body's balance.

D-LAB cares about you and integrates specific active ingredients in all of its formulas to preserve the body day after day.

A formula composed of 100% of'adaptogenic assets resulting from a synergy of mushrooms such as extracts of shiitake, lion's mane and reishi, as well as extracts from relaxing plants such as extracts of eleutherococcus, schisandra chinensis and eschscholtzia.

D-LAB commits itself to naturally, concentrated and highly bioavailable ingredients :

Per 2 capsules

Reishi extract** 500 mg
Eleutherococcus extract** 320 mg
Lion's mane extract** 320 mg
Shiitake extract** 250 mg
extractescholtzia** 200 mg
Schisandra chinensis extract** 200 mg
VNR: Reference Nutritional Values

* Eleutherococcus supports the body's defenses and helps support the immune system - Reishi contributes to the natural immunological defenses.
** Dry Plant Equivalent

Ingredients (2 gel.) : Eleutherococcus extract 80 mg (EPS1 320 mg); root - Lion mane extract 80 mg (EPS1 320 mg); mushroom - Vegetable capsule : Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose - Escholtzia extract 50 mg (EPS1 200 mg); aerial part - Schisandra chinensis extract 50 mg (EPS1 200 mg); berry - Shiitake extract 50 mg (EPS1 250 mg); mushroom - Reishi extract 50 mg (EPS1 500 mg); mushroom - Anticaking agent: cocoa powder.